by Roxana Mihailescu

Look for flights on a Monday? Book on a Tuesday morning when the moon has decreased with 88° and the sun is in the perfect circular position? No, no. All you have to do is don’t believe the cheap flights myths, be flexible and follow these 5 tips.

1. Be flexible with your destination

Skyscanner has this cool option called “search everywhere”. If your goal is to just book a trip because you’re an avid wanderluster, then you can find flights as cheap as 2 euros to some European destinations (this was a recent WizzAir promotion and I booked a flight from Bucharest to Barcelona which was 2 euros).

2. Be flexible with your dates

If you can fly whenever then you can also choose as an option “search all month”. Also, flying on off-peak days like Tuesdays, Wednesdays (so mid weak) is much cheaper. You should avoid traveling on busy days like Sundays, Mondays, and Fridays.

3. Use these apps

Skyscanner is my old-time favorite, especially because of the “search everywhere” feature. Google Flights is a good one too, but I think it’s better to stick to one or two search engines so you know how to navigate. This way, the minute you see a flight, you can snatch it quickly. Google Flights is also a super good option.

I love Hopper when I am buying an overseas ticket. I usually search 3-6 months in advance for these ones and Hopper helps me check whether I should secure a good deal now or what a bit more. It also notifies you when there’s a deal or whether the price will increase.

4. Sign up for newsletters and cheap flights notifications

I signed up for almost all the newsletters of budget airlines. For instance, it’s been already 3 years since I have the WIZZ DISCOUNT CLUB membership, and since I fly frequently with them, it saves me money on every flight. You usually get the money paid on the annual membership from your second booked flight.

Another newsletter you should check out: Scott’s Cheap Flights, Student Universe.

5. Don’t believe the myths

The internet has evolved and what we (including myself) thought it’s some hidden treasure advice we found, it’s actually not. For instance, you don’t need to use an Incognito mode anymore. Shocking, right? You don’t have to worry about clearing your cookies either. Yes, companies do increase their prices, but there is no explanation for that and your best bet is to search at different times and “feel” what’s the best price. Hopper can help you with that.

The cheapest flight I’ve ever got was 5 euros to Berlin, only because I was flexible with my dates and didn’t really care about the destination. Which one was yours?

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